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TOXOTIS METALON CONTACT US Laser-cut technology, for flexibility & top quality in every project! TOXOTIS METALON SEE MORE Design & construction of metal buildings, for maximum energy efficiency! TOXOTIS METALON CONTACT US Stainless steel construction, with excellent functionality & quality standards! TOXOTIS METALON CONTACT US Modern ideas for aluminum constructions, for your business or home environment!



From concept to final construction, we create with respect to your vision.

TOXOTIS METALON, a company based in Koropi, Attica, is active in the metal construction industry, fully undertaking the study, design and construction of projects in all sectors.


Our Start

The company was founded in 1999, by Konstantinos Tzovlas, and initially focused on the manufacture of aluminum signs and arched windows, both for businesses and individuals. Later, the company expanded to projects that regarded iron shaping, as well as special aluminum and Inox constructions.

Our Company Today

Today, the next generation of the Tzovlas family has entered into action, and in recent years investments have been made in the optimization of the company’s systems, with state-of-the-art machinery, in the expansion of its production facilities and its human resources, with specialized professionals from various sectors.


Metal & Special constructions





Aiming at providing comprehensive services to our customers, as well as ensuring the quality of the services we provide, from the design to the production of the final product, we ensure in every possible way that you receive the results that will meet 100% of your needs..

Completed Projects: 10,000+
Average delivery time: 3 days
Cooperating suppliers: 200+
Years of activity
Industrial Sectors

Areas of Activity

With a staff of 30 and with our own external crews, we provide a wide range of services, such as metal shaping, electrostatic painting, Inox or aluminum constructions and laser cutting.

At the same time, we design handmade furniture, based on the specifications of your space, modern design and your personal aesthetics.

In this way, we address all sectors of professionals, such as constructors, contractors, architects, decorators, shipbuilding companies, cabinetmakers, awning manufacturers, aluminum and glass craftsmen, as well as private individuals, covering both small-scale and large-scale projects.

Quality Assurance & Equipment

At TOXOTIS METALON, for your optimal service, we maintain all proper operation protocols and safety measures, with:

At the same time, we ensure that we cooperate with and get supplied with materials from large companies, with certifications and experience in the industry of manufacturing top quality materials. Our equipment consists mainly of modern systems and machines, while we have tools from European companies, with corresponding agencies that provide service throughout Greece.

Stages of the Projects

After a request for offer is received, we follow the following procedure: